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  • Simply Imagine.

  • A Statement In Your Home and Beyond.

  • A Style With Purpose, Meaning & Outcome.

  • Endless Possibilities. Up-cycling.


The memories we create,
are the stories we tell. 


SaMémoire is all about capturing the stories of the past
and recreating them for a brighter future through up-cycling.

So, with much care and attention,
we consciously design and hand make quality, one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly, beautiful & unique
pillow covers & home decor from textile and clothing waste.

We hunt for these 'tossed treasures' before they reach landfills
and transform them into stunning earth-friendly creations.
All with the intention to...

Beautify your world - inside & out - and leave an everlasting memory for all.

The Making of a SaMémoire Creation - Voila!

The Pick

Imagination necessary!

Whether it's a shirt, sweater, jacket or tee, we are on the 'hunt' for these 'tossed treasures' and inspiration!

It's the quality, content, colour and texture of fabrics that are most important when selecting for a SaMémoire pillow cover & creation.

Design and Sew

This is the fun part...

Each garment is thoroughly washed, air-dried & lightly steamed.  

Pieces are then curated to create unique and different designs - appealing to everyone, everywhere. 

We can get carried away sometimes, and that's ok. We want to reflect all styles, moods & personalities.   

Reveal & Reward
SaMémoire Creations

Ta Da!

Is there anything more rewarding than witnessing the transformation of a discarded item into something that is more beautiful, valuable, interesting, meaningful & intentional?

You bet - also knowing it helped our planet!



Beautifying your world -
inside & out.


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