Memory & Keepsake Pillows

Capturing the memories & moments of those we love.


With gentle care and attention, your loved one's favourite shirt, sweater, t-shirt, bathrobe, sport jersey, baby blanket, etc., can be made into a Memory Pillow -  A Mémoire Pillow Cover for you to have as a keepsake. 

A Mémoire Pillow Cover brings a special comfort we long for when visiting the past, or memories of those who are no longer with us.

Beautifully crafted to be placed anywhere in your home, your Mémoire Pillow Cover will be just a reach away for those intimate moments of reminiscing and reflection.

Mémoire Pillow Covers also make special gifts for family and friends who share in the memories you long to keep.  

Simply email us at , or DM so that we can chat about what you have in mind for your special pillow. We will work with you to ensure the greatest care and pillow covers are achieved. Costs range approx. $40 each and can vary depending on fabric, size, design and additional desires (lining, back panel, zipper) etc. 


To help extend assistance to those who grieve in our greater community, we commit $2 to the British Columbia Bereavement Helpline for every Mémoire Pillow Cover sold. 

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