Up-cycle Your Own Wardrobe

With a New Perspective,

the possibilities are endless.


Before you throw away, give away or donate your clothing, consider the possibilities.

Chances are the same colours and textures you love to wear are similar to the colours and textures you love to dress your home in.

Imagine a SaMémoire pillow cover made from your favourite sweater, shirt, jacket or blouse, enhancing your life no matter where - living room, bedroom, family room, spare bedroom, office, den, Man Cave, Diva Den, patio, cottage, beach, park, tent, trailer, car.............the possibilities are endless!

Simply contact us by email sa.memoire.boutique@gmail.com , or DM via Instagram, to let us know you would like to up-cycle some of your clothing.  We will then follow up with you to get all of the information to provide you with a quote.

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