I love my SaMémoire pillow cover.  Any chance of getting another one?

SaMémoire pillow covers are one of a kind!  But sometimes the clothing and fabric items we work from are large enough to create two or more pillow covers that are the same.  Let us know which pillow cover you have your eye on and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.   

Why are SaMémoire pillow cover prices on par with brand new pillow covers, when the fabrics used are up-cycled?

By choosing to use up-cycled clothing and fabrics, we face many additional challenges and costs that those who rely on newly produced textiles do not.  For us, it is a continual and very time consuming process to shop, select, design, cut, sew and promote reclaimed materials that are very limited in size, style and availability.  

Unlike in mass produced items, each SaMémoire pillow cover is imagined from the very start, one-of-a-kind, designed and individually sewn, and carefully cleaned and handled from start to finish. We hope you see the value in buying 'up' and think it's well worth it! 

Are all of the materials in SaMémoire pillow covers up-cycled?

All of the front panels of SaMémoire pillow covers are made with clothing and/or fabrics that are up-cycled.  We have also used these same fabrics in linings and back panels of some of our designs.  When we are unable to use up-cycled clothing and fabrics in back panels and linings, we do our best to choose materials that have high resource efficiency and low ecological impact. Currently, the threads and zippers we use are not up-cycled.

We are taking small steps toward utilizing fabrics and materials that already exist, or have been recycled, including in our packaging.  It's amazing the strides taken by businesses to bring new and innovative products to market - We love our business cards that are made from recycled t-shirt textile!  

Our goal is to keep expanding our search for supplies and means that support reducing, reusing, recycling and up-cycling. For specific info on our Fabrics, click on the Fabric Info tab.  

I have purchased two SaMémoire pillow covers, one is lined, but the other is not. How come?

In our quest to support minimizing, reducing, reusing and recycling, we do our best not to add another panel of fabric for lining.  We only add another panel of fabric for lining when the front panel absolutely warrants it for durability, longevity and aesthetic reasons.  

I notice there are some 'imperfections' in the fabric of my SaMémoire pillow cover. Should I be concerned about this?

We are very careful about the selection of the clothing and craftswomanship used to make our SaMémoire pillow covers.  Because of the very nature of up-cycling - the use of fabrics that have 'lived before' - 'imperfections' are inherent in all that we do and create.  We believe these 'imperfections' are part of what makes each pillow cover unique and special. These signs of a life well lived only enhance the story-telling of bringing new meaning, purpose and value to items that are up-cycled.  SaMémoire is all about capturing and embracing the memories of the past - flaws and all.

However, if you are not happy with your SaMémoire pillow cover, we are happy to change that - please see our Return Policy below.

How do I wash and care for my SaMémoire pillow cover?

All SaMémoire pillow covers can be washed by hand in cold water, laid flat to dry and lightly steamed on very low heat.  Easy care - enjoy!

What is your Return Policy?

If you are not happy, we are happy to change that. Please contact us ASAP with any questions or concerns.

We accept returns for full refund on products if contact is made within 7 days of receiving the product.  

We accept returns for exchange on products if contact is made within 8-14 days of receiving the product.  Exchange must be completed within 30 days following notification.

Please email sa.memoire.boutique@gmail.com to initiate the return process. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees, unless the product is damaged.




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