The Firth 18x18

The Firth 18x18




This pillow case is proudly made with up-cycled and sustainable fabrics. 

Love the plaid of The Firth, made up of Navy and light grey. The definition of an inlet is an opening, or a thin strip of water that comes from a larger body of water. In Scotland, these are called Firths, a long strip of sea reaching into the land. A little play on the navy and grey plaid that resembles a Scottish tartan, therefore aptly named The Firth.

Size: 18 x 18 inches 
Closure: Invisible Zipper
Seams: Serged

Pillow Front
Color: Deep Blue and Light Grey Plaid 

Contents: 100% Cotton

Pillow Back
Color: White
Contents: 100% Linen

Made in Canada.

Insert not included.

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