The Dials 18x18

The Dials 18x18




This pillow case is proudly made with up-cycled and sustainable fabrics. 

'Dial' meaning a face of a clock, watch, or sundial that is marked to show the passing of time, this pillow cover is a timeless piece.  Picking up on the nautical theme of the blues and whites, one can't help but be reminded of the symbols used when navigating life, whether on land or at sea.

Size: 18 x 18 inches 
Closure: Invisible Zipper
Seams: Serged

Pillow Front
Color: Navy, Light Blue and Off-White

Contents: 100% Linen

Pillow Back
Color: White
Contents: 100% Linen

100% Linen 

Made in Canada.

Insert not included.

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